c.m. stott

seeker. filmmaker. actor
born 1990 Melbourne, Australia
Los Angéles 2010-15
based in the Netherlands 

Fleur Griffin & Erin Keneally
              Morrissey Management, Sydney
             +61 (02) 9663 0100

Just a Ride, 2021

Nigerian Prince, 2018

These Empty Streets, 2011

Holding the Man, 2015

as director
JUST A RIDE amarnafilm (post)

as actor
BARRIER lead Zeeland Film Commission
NIGERIAN PRINCE supporting Tribeca Film Institute
HOLDING THE MAN lead Goalpost Pictures
THESE EMPTY STREETS lead Fourare Films
THE VAPOUR BOYS lead Colora Group
MACBETH supporting Mushroom Pictures

TV (partial)
EAST OF EVERYTHING 2 x seasons series regular ABC Australia
MCLEODS DAUGHTERS guest lead Nine Productions
CITY HOMICIDE guest lead Southern Star
KICK guest lead Film Victoria


THEATRE (partial listing)
EUREKA Peter Lalor lead M.Grant Prod.
HURLYBURLY Eddie lead Stella Adler Collective
BENGAL TIGER AT THE BAGHDAD ZOO Musa lead Stella Adler Collective

University of Melbourne, Middle Eastern politics 1+2
University of Amsterdam, political science bachelor yr 1 (dropout)
Laura Leyva, Los Angeles, script analysis, scene study
Aquila-Morong Studio, Los Angeles, scene study

Nederlands, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, Ancient Egypt, Mysticism, Science, the Cosmos, the Sea, Holland, POEMS.

copyright ©craigstott 2021