Made in Australia

A lost millennial goes looking for home in a broken world.

100 min
English, Maltese, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, Slovak
director, producer, with: Craig Stott
filmed on location in: Australia, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Malta, Slovakia
status: filming



Malta is booming and everyone wants a taste.

110 min
English, Maltese
director, producer: Craig Stott
filmed on location in: Malta
status: in development

It Was Just a Ride

In the low season on Corsica, two people make magic.

97 min
English, Dutch, Arabic, Corsican, French
director: Craig Stott
producers: Manon Hanraets, Craig Stott
with: Arabi Ghibeh, Manon Hanraets
filmed on location in: Corsica, Netherlands
status: post-production


Craig Stott is an actor and filmmaker. 
He was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.
His work seeks substance in an age of excess.
He speaks French, Dutch and Italian.

‘There must be more than this...’

Photo by Alexey Konin

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