Craig Stott
Filmmaker | Photographer


"To create independently with focus on what matters. Creation is a conduit for connection and amity across time and space. It is made for everybody

Made in Australia

A lost millennial goes looking for home in a broken world.


100 min
English, Maltese, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish
director, producer, with: Craig Stott
filmed on location in: Australia, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Malta
status: filming

It Was Just a Ride

In the Autumn of 2018, two people made magic.

97 min
English, Dutch, Arabic, Corsican, French
director: Craig Stott
producers: Manon Hanraets, Craig Stott
with: Arabi Ghibeh, Manon Hanraets
filmed on location in: Corsica, Netherlands
status: post-production



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