welcome to Camp Melbourne...
(unless you’re rich)

Australia is the only Western nation to have locked up its citizens in their own country. I myself fled Melbourne before the August 11th changes would have made it next to impossible for me to leave without an exemption, which are awarded rudimentarily by bureaucrats, seemingly without any discernible criteria. Whilst celebrities are permitted to do as they please, Australians have been living on a “prison island” and have seen many of their civil liberties obliterated. This photo series is to honour all Aussies in lockdown, the thousands stranded overseas left to fend for themselves and those who have seen their entire lives ruined, not by covid, but by uncompromising and undemocratic public health policy. This country needs a Bill of Rights, now. 

I love you Mum! I miss you so!

Melbourne Lockdowns 4,5,6
may - august 2021

I love a sunburnt country
a land of sweeping plains
of ragged mountain ranges
of droughts and flooding rains.

- Dorothea Mackellar, 1904


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