door shut on a woman
getting off the tram just now
she frowned
behind her surgical mask
the man behind her
checked out her arse
the conductor huffed
i had to ask
if she was okay
if she’d had enough?

we’re travelling down
some road to the abyss
fooled by the gimmick
sucked in by fake bliss
the rails are off
it’s not hard to miss
we’re lonely and hurting
aggrieved capitalist pigs.

-we’re not a dick

-a set of balls

-a pussy

-or some tits

grinding on a dating app
betrayal from the hip
we’re not some slave-made factory shit
we’re old as time
mayan pyramid
tales of the forest
gold silk sandalwood
we’re crystallised
babies screaming out for a boob!
close your eyes for a moment
don’t you see that we’re nothing
but eternal, mystic?

salvation can’t be bought or traded
everything is perfect
how God makes it
thinking higher
than trees crashing down
the air is poisoning
the water is rising
the children will drown.

i press the button
the next stop was mine
we survive today
and the tram tonight
i swore not to live in this place no more
my sister and brother
trapped in a door
light and power the lion roars!
light and power
roars out of us all!


rights reserved. copyright ©craigstott 2021