Loving = rebellion

March 2021

I see bodies moving on bikes, flowing along sidewalks. Beautiful bodies; fat, slim, ancient, fresh... Strange creature, same as me. I am just beginning to wrap my head around us...

Eyes set into a face, a face facing other faces, parallel, head-on! Nose and lips to taste, ears to listen; one day if life be long, deafness from all the damned listening! Neck and hands; human claws clasping shopping carts, prams, the ass of a lover when no one is watching. Sexy, caring and jovial, brutal and roaring, proud...all sorts thaw in the warmth and glory of an afternoon one can only know after a rotten winter. 

I am a part of it and everything is a part of it. We are all cut from the same cosmic cloth. Nations and tribes are delusion. When I meet you, I meet myself too. All my life I wanted to be a rebel, not like the others. But the world is harder today: you wanna be a rebel? Loving is rebellion.

18:08 Wedesday 24 March, 2021
Bos en Lommer, 암스테르담, Holanda, Nederland, أوروبا, Tierra, Voie lactée, Ewigkeit.

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