Lord of Romania

March 2021

I saw moving bodies in cars and on bikes and flowing along the sidewalks. The most beautiful bodies of the strangest creature. I am just beginning to wrap my head around all this contradiction, tragedy and wonder.

I have eyes set into a face made to face other faces parallel, head-on. A nose and lips and ears to listen. I will go deaf. A neck and hands. Human claws, paws, clasping a shopping cart or a pram or a telephone to an ear or tapping out furiously the rhythm and joy of the heart. Everybody is sexy, everybody is aroused by the glow of the glorious afternoon.

I am a part of it and everything is a part of it. Nothing is separable from the whole. Change is seasonal, unavoidable. To show love, as often as possible in every expression, and in the brutal crush of life. No-one could be greater, no-one could be smaller. 

18:08 Wedesday 24 March, 2021
bos en lommer, amsterdam, noord holland, nederlanden, europa, earth, milky way, infinity


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