Lord of Romania

March, 2021

What a magnificent day! The soft sunlight, though warm and welcoming after a dead and bitter winter, is not the greatest wonder I see today. Walking in the street just now, I saw moving bodies in cars and on bikes and flowing along the sidewalks. The most beautiful bodies of the strangest creature I am just starting to wrap my head around. All their contradictions, sadnesses and wonders. I am one of them too!

I have eyes set into a face made to face other faces parallel, head-on. A nose and lips and ears to listen to them. I will go deaf when I have heard too much. A neck and hands. Hands! Human claws, paws, flippers. Clasping a shopping cart or a pram or a telephone to an ear or tapping out furiously the love and joy of the heart. Every-one of us is sexy and aroused by the glow of this glorious afternoon.

Big fat old Muslim ladies gesticulating to one another remind me of my grandmother. An unwashed man from Romania begging for fare to get home. Asian ladies like silk in the crowds with shopping baskets of leeks and folded packages. Fierce and fast young men on scooters showing off for the postponed students killing time in the square. Couples and children of couples waiting for fried fish carefully choosing their sauce. What a delicious symphony to behold.

I form a part of it. You do too. All we can do is show love for each other as often as we can, while we can. God is alive this afternoon and at every moment and in every elegant expression and in the brutal crush of life. Bless us down here, trudging through the mud together, all doing the best we can. We are united on the road. No-one greater, no-one smaller. Each a wonder.

18:08 Wedesday 24 March, 2021
Bos en Lommer, Amsterdam, Holland, Europe, Earth, Milky Way, Infinity.


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